Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to Line and Flood a Cookie with Royal Icing

First make and roll out your dough. I always put my cutout dough on a cookie sheet in the freezer for about ten minutes before I bake it. This will prevent spreading.

You can buy precision rollers, but because I'm a poor college student I use wooden dowels! They work the exact same.

After your cookies are made it's time to make your Royal Icing. You can find my recipe and tutorial here.

Line your cookie with the thicker consistency (this is a #2 tip)

Once all cookies are lined, let them dry for about thirty minutes to an hour.

Now it's time to flood! I use a toothpick to drag the frosting to the edges. Make sure once the cookie is totally flooded to pop all the bubbles with your toothpick.

Once you've waited about 12-24 hours (depending on the size of the cookie), you can add the small details. I added super pearl dust to make my cupcake's sparkle!

I did a dry application with a paintbrush.

Until next time :)

Sugar Bea

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