Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Design Your Own Cookies Tutorial

For these cookies, I wanted to do owls but don't have an owl cookie cutter. So I made my own!

To make the owl, you'll need:
2 circle cutters (one smaller)
a Lemon cutter
a double heart mini cutter

Start with the large circle and put it on your cookie sheet. Then, using the lemon cutters, cut out your owls wings. After that use the smaller sized circle to take some dough off the top to make little ears. 

Then flip the mini double-heart cutter upside down to make the tail. 

After you've baked your cookies, line..

.. and flood. (I let the wings and center dry over night before doing the rest)

After the whole cookie is dry, pipe on a nose, and big owl eyes!

For the nose and eyes I used food color markers (a little secret, then you don't have to make two more colors of royal icing!). 

I love sparkly things.. so I always tend to dust my cookies with super pearl to make them sparkle!

And there you have it! Happy Baking :)

xoxo Sugar Bea

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